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About HellasCY Gaming Hub

About HellasCY Gaming Hub

Welcome to HellasCY Gaming Hub, where we invite you to discover the essence of our unique Europe PvEvP and RP SCUM Server. In the 'About HellasCY Gaming Hub' section, we provide a glimpse into our server's identity. As a premier Europe PvP/PvE and RP SCUM Server located in Europe, we've tailored our platform to offer an immersive and thrilling survival experience. Drawing players from Cyprus, Greece, and beyond, we've fostered a diverse community that thrives on thrilling PvP and PvE gameplay.

Our commitment to balanced gameplay is evident through custom events, fair admin support, and a dedication to active community feedback. Whether you're a seasoned survivor or a fresh-faced adventurer, HellasCY Gaming Hub offers the perfect backdrop for your survival story. Join us to be part of a vibrant community, where every decision you make shapes your journey. Here, strategy, skill, and camaraderie merge to create unforgettable adventures. Explore the world of HellasCY Gaming Hub, and experience a new level of SCUM gameplay that awaits you.

Our Europe PvP/PvE SCUM Server Features

Our SCUM Server Features

In the 'Server Features' section, we take pride in showcasing the distinctive aspects that set HellasCY Gaming Hub apart as the ultimate Europe PvP/PvE SCUM Server. Our commitment to delivering a unique and thrilling gameplay experience is evident in these carefully crafted features. Dive into 'Dynamic Gameplay,' where you can enjoy a balanced loot system, strategic base-building options, and realistic player respawns tailored to both PvP and PvE styles. Our community-driven approach means that player feedback actively shapes our server, fostering an environment where you can participate in custom events and benefit from active and fair admin support. Experience 'Enhanced Player Experience' with smoother gameplay, optimized server tick rates, and multiple viewing options, including a third-person perspective.

Our 'Advanced Economy System' adds complexity with dynamic pricing, item rotation, and player-driven markets. Explore a richly detailed world with diverse biomes, dynamic weather patterns, and realistic day-night cycles. Expect 'Regular Events and Updates' to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, along with 'Secure and Fair Play' through proactive measures against cheating. Join an 'Active and Supportive Community,' where collaboration and support are the norms, facilitated by active forums and Discord channels. Tailor your gameplay with 'Customizable Gameplay' settings for base building, combat, and resource management to suit your playstyle. These features collectively create an unparalleled Europe PvP/PvE SCUM Server experience that caters to both novice and seasoned survivors alike.

Enhanced Loot & Skills

Loot boosted to 1.5x and skills to 5x for an enriched gameplay experience.

Zombie & Sentry Adjustment

Zombies at 2.5x damage, sentries at 0.8 for a balanced challenge.

PvE & PvP Zones

PvE-focused with dedicated PvP zones for veterans.

Regular Restarts

Server restarts every 4 hours for optimal performance.

Dynamic Gameplay

Enjoy balanced loot levels, strategic base building options, and realistic player respawns tailored for both PvP and PvE styles.

Community Driven

Engage in a server where community feedback shapes the gameplay. Participate in custom events and enjoy active, fair admin support.

Enhanced Player Experience

Experience smoother gameplay with optimized server tick rates and a variety of viewing options including third-person perspective.

Advanced Economy System

Dive into a complex economy with dynamic pricing, item rotation, and player-driven markets, adding depth to your survival experience.

Immersive Environment

Explore a richly detailed world with diverse biomes, dynamic weather patterns, and realistic day-night cycles.

Regular Events and Updates

Participate in exciting server-wide events and regular updates that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Secure and Fair Play

Enjoy a secure gaming environment with proactive measures against cheating and unfair play, ensuring a level field for all.

Active and Supportive Community

Join a community where collaboration and support are the norms, with active forums and Discord channels for players to connect.

Customizable Gameplay

Tailor your gameplay with customizable settings for base building, combat, and resource management to suit your playstyle.

Economic System on Our Europe PvP/PvE SCUM Server

Economic System on Our SCUM Server

At HellasCY Gaming Hub, we've meticulously crafted an economic system that mirrors the challenges of survival in the SCUM universe. Our 'Economic System' section provides insights into this dynamic framework. Our economy is a living entity that adapts and evolves, offering players a continuous and ever-changing shopping experience. One of its key features is 'Dynamic Pricing,' where market prices shift in response to player interactions and in-game events, creating a realistic and immersive trading environment.

We embrace a 'Player-Driven Economy' where every action players take directly influences market availability and pricing, allowing for player agency in shaping the in-game economy. Additionally, our community thrives on 'Trade and Barter,' where players can engage in bartering and trading to acquire essential items and resources crucial for survival. This economic complexity adds depth to your survival experience, making each interaction within the marketplace a strategic and dynamic choice.

Dynamic Pricing

Experience an evolving market with prices that change based on player interaction and in-game events.

Player-Driven Economy

Engage in a unique economy where player actions directly influence market availability and prices.

Trade and Barter

Barter and trade with fellow players to acquire essential items and resources vital for survival.

Our Community on Europe PvP/PvE SCUM Server

Community on Our SCUM Server

Our community at HellasCY Gaming Hub is the lifeblood of our server, and it's a place where players from all walks of life come together to form a tightly-knit and supportive network. In this 'Our Community' section, we highlight what makes our community truly exceptional. Engagement is at the heart of our ethos, with players actively participating in collaborative events and engaging in in-depth discussions that enrich the gaming experience.

Our forums and Discord channels are buzzing with active discussions, where players share tips, strategies, and memorable moments from their adventures. We foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, where both newcomers and seasoned veterans find a supportive environment to grow, learn, and thrive. Joining our community isn't just about playing a game; it's about becoming part of a family of like-minded individuals who share a passion for survival and camaraderie. We invite you to be a part of our community and look forward to creating unforgettable gaming moments together.


Join a community that thrives on player interaction, from collaborative events to in-depth discussions.

Active Discussions

Participate in lively forums and Discord channels, where players share tips, strategies, and fun moments.

Supportive Environment

Experience a welcoming atmosphere where both new and veteran players support and help each other grow.

Invite to Join HellasCY Gaming Hub

Join HellasCY Gaming Hub

Joining HellasCY Gaming Hub is your gateway to an immersive and thrilling Europe PvP/PvE SCUM Server experience. In this section, we outline the simple steps to kickstart your adventure. First, fire up your SCUM game and venture into the server browser. Next, search for 'HellasCY Gaming Hub' in the server list, and once you've found us, simply click 'Join' to connect and embark on your survival journey. Our welcoming and active community awaits your arrival, ready to share strategies, engage in collaborative events, and offer support.

As you become part of HellasCY Gaming Hub, you'll not only find a server to play on but also a vibrant and passionate community to be a part of. Don't forget to also join our Discord channel for real-time discussions, updates, and camaraderie with fellow adventurers. We look forward to having you on board as we explore the vast and challenging world of SCUM together.

Start Your Game

Launch SCUM and navigate to the server browser to begin your adventure.

Find Us

Search for "HellasCY Gaming Hub" in the server list and select our server.

Join and Play

Click "Join" to connect to HellasCY Gaming Hub and start your survival journey.

Join Our Discord

Be part of our Discord community for live discussions, support, and updates.

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Detailed list of server rules for the Europe PvP/PvE SCUM Server

Server Rules on Our SCUM Server

At HellasCY Gaming Hub, we strive to offer a fair and enjoyable experience for all our players. To maintain this standard, we ask everyone to adhere to the following rules. Ignorance of these rules is not a valid excuse for breaking them.

Respectful Communication

Racist, homophobic, or extremely offensive language is strictly forbidden.

Identity Rules

Impersonating server administrators or misusing admin names is a bannable offense.

Cheating Accusations

Do not accuse other players of cheating publicly. Report suspicions privately through Discord.

No Self-Promotion

Refrain from using the global chat for self-promotion, including streams or other servers.

Safe Zone Conduct

Safe zones are theft-free areas. Stealing vehicles or items is prohibited.

Fair Play

Favors or items should not be requested from admins. All players should have an equal opportunity.

Building Ethics

Avoid using troy walls or other exploit structures. These may be removed without warning.

Derelict Structures

Bases with elements under 50% health, appearing abandoned, may be demolished.

Vehicle Limit

Limit of 3 vehicles per squad. Excess vehicles, including contents, will be despawned.

Mine and Trap Restrictions

Mines and traps are only allowed within your flag zone, except for silent alarms.

One Flag Rule

Squads/players may only place one flag. Additional flags will be destroyed.

Respect Admins

Insulting admins results in an immediate ban, with no appeal.

Base Raiding

Using vehicles to jump into bases or making loot inaccessible during raids is forbidden.

Fair Play in PvP

Engage in PvP with respect for all players. Exploiting game mechanics for unfair advantage is prohibited.

Respect Safe Zones

Safe zones are for non-aggressive interactions. Any form of combat or theft in these zones is strictly forbidden.

Group photo of SCUM game players in action

SCUM Our Players

In the 'SCUM Our Players' section, we celebrate the heart and soul of HellasCY Gaming Hub – our dedicated community of players. These adventurers, hailing from diverse backgrounds, come together to embark on thrilling survival journeys within the SCUM universe. Each player brings their unique skills, strategies, and stories to the game, creating an ever-evolving narrative that keeps our gaming world vibrant and exciting.

Whether you're a seasoned warrior with numerous kills to your name or a newcomer looking to forge your path, you'll find a welcoming and supportive environment within our community. Join us in celebrating the achievements, camaraderie, and relentless spirit of our SCUM players as we continue to grow and thrive together.

NOTE: This section is under construction

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